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                      常熟市富邦膠帶有限責任公司,專業從事于 電子電工,光電科技, 風電行業等多個相關領域新材料的研發設計與制造,富邦人憑著孜孜不倦的精神, 以科技進步為先導,同時引進國內外先進的壓敏膠生產涂布技術直接為客戶提供合適的產品及完善的服務。
                      富邦在精密涂布,薄膜涂層和新材料的開發上,為多個行業提供全方位的技術解決方案, 以卓越的品質,精湛的研發制造技術,優良穩定的產品品質和良好的企業管理為客戶提供多方位服務。
                      在通過ISO9001和ISO14001的認證基礎上, 還通過了UL及SGS等國外機構的相關產品認證,我們將繼續加強質量管理,一如既往地為廣大客戶研發新品,不斷完善售后服務,竭誠歡迎海內外客戶蒞臨公司考察指導及各種形式的交流合作,使富邦與時俱進,跟上時代發展的步伐,同時我們致力于富邦品牌的營造,將更合理的利用社會資源為制造業提供更經濟,更完美的產品和服務 --- 富邦人以此為使命。

                     Changshu Fubang Adhesives Tape Co.,Ltd was established?in 2000. Specializing in the research, design and manufacturing of new materials in many related fields,for such as electronic and electronic appliances, optoelectronic technology, wind power industry, and so on.Fubang Co.,depend on tireless spirit. Guided with scientific and technological progress.At the same time, Introduce advanced PSA production and coating technology at home and abroad to directly provide for customers with appropriate products and perfect services.
                     Fubang Co., provide comprehensive technical solution cases for multiple fields in the development of precision coating, paintcoat?at film and advanced materials. We provide for customers in all-round services with excellent quality, exquisite research and manufacturing technology, excellent and stable product quality as well as good enterprise management.
                     On the basis of passing the certification for ISO9001 and ISO14001, we has also passed the relevant product certification of UL and SGS for foreign institutions. We will continue to strengthen quality management, continue to research and develop new products for our customers, and continue to improve after-sales service. We sincerely welcome customers at home and abroad to visit our company for inspection and guidance as well as various forms of exchange and cooperation. Let Fubang Co.,keep pace with the times and keep pace with the development of the times.At the same time, we are committed to building Fubon brand. We will make more reasonable use of social resources to provide more economic and perfect products and services for the manufacturing industry -- Fubon staff take this as their mission.


                    在線客服 : ????服務熱線:0512-52557505 ????電子郵箱: sy@fbtape.com


                    常熟市富邦膠帶有限責任公司,始建于2000年,專業從事于 電子電工,光電科技, 風電行業等多個相關領域新材料的研發設計與制造,富邦人憑著孜孜不倦的精神, 以科技進步為 先導,同時引進國內外先進的壓敏膠生產涂布技術直...

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